Kwikset Kevo allows you to open your door using your smartphone


If you have ever forgotten your keys, you may like the sound of the Kwikset Kevo. It allows users to wirelessly unlock doors via an app and a bluetooth connection with the lock.

Kwikset Kevo — made by Makers Hardware and Home Improvement —  is a package which includes a deadbolt app and an iOS app. The package goes for $220.88 and the company promises that both Blackberry and Android Apps will soon be released. It will come with a keyfob for persons who may not have access to a smartphone with the required app as well as a physical key which will come in handy in case of the batteries becoming drained or if you simply don’t wish to utilize the wireless function. Each Kevo will come with a deadbolt lock, a keyfob, two physical keys and 2 smartphone electronic keys. It will operate on four AA batteries with batteries expected to last for around a year.

Users who purchase Kevo will be able to save locations of where they have installed the bluetooth enabled locks so that when they approach these locations, the lock can be wirelessly unlocked. Users would simply need to touch the lock to open it. Keys for multiple locks can be stored using the app which allows you to wirelessly access all of the locks installed on your property. In terms of security, each user of the lock must be verified via a unique code generated for their smartphone or for one of the included keyfobs. The app can also detect via GPS if a user is already on the other side of a Kwikset Kevo converted door.

Check out the video of the of the system below.

Now, before you go and purchase the Kevo, just remember: Kwikset Kevo can probably be hacked.

[via Daily Mail, Engadget]

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  • Ashraf

    [@spredo] LMAO!

  • Jim

    I reserved Lockitron.

  • Tom

    A hacker’s dream. These will be “jailbroken” as soon as they hit the shelves.

  • Mikerman
  • Seamus McSeamus

    Yeah, in a world full of honest people this is a good idea. But then, in a world full of honest people, you wouldn’t need a lock in the first place.

  • spredo

    I had this years ago. The ability to open my front door by using my mobile phone, that is.
    Pick up phone, call mom, wait… and door opens.

  • etim

    I still like the old school non-electric combination locks with push button keys.

  • Ashraf
  • Mikerman

    Unfortunately, there was a post here a few days ago about how easy it can be to hack into devices such as these . . . .