Campfire Fishing Rod is a fishing rod for roasting marshmallows and hot dogs


For all you folks who enjoy making marshmallows, this little gadget could be the right thing for you. Roasting marshmallows is an ancient art passed down from the marshmallow making gods of old; however, the art was flawed. You see, many folks have burnt themselves while roasting marshmallows over the years, but all that could come to an end.

Please bid welcome to the Campfire Fishing Rod, a piece of gadgetry that allows for easy roasting of marshmallows and hot dogs. Due to the length of the Campfire Fishing Rod, the possibility of the user burning his or her fingers is almost impossible, so even your child could have a go with this bad boy (although we don’t recommend letting children near fire).

Design wise, everything on this rod is made out of steel instead of the handle, which is made out of heat resistant wood. This is great, but we’re not sure if the typical marshmallow roasting guy wants to spend $29.95 on the Campfire Fishing Rod when he could just simply sharpen a freshly cut green stick and use it to get the job done. It’s less safe, but it is just as effective when roasting those tasty marshmallows and hot dogs.

However, if you’re a person who fears being too close to the fire, the Campfire Fishing Rod is right for you. Now, all you’ll need to do is find $29.95, and it is all yours for the taking; we bet your camping buddies are going to love you for this tool.

[via Home Wet Bar]

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