Reddit user proposes to his girlfriend using memes

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Reddit user, Malcolm Collins aka SirTechnocracy, didn’t want to propose to his girlfriend, Simone Smith, in an old fashion way. So he used used memes and “specially-commissioned illustrations of the two of them to pop the question on AdviceAnimals” to do it. Unique, romantic, and creative? Of course she said yes!

When Simone was asked about how she felt after seeing the post, she reacted:

“When I saw the Advice Animals post, then the commissions he had made depicting us, I nearly lost it. Malcolm knew his post had enough traction for me to be likely to see it, so he was sitting in another room waiting to hear me react. When I did, he came in, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him…

The rest of the day was spent in a dreamy stupor of announcements to friends and family- plus responses to people on Reddit. A lot of people saw Malcolm’s proposal as cringe-worthy or impersonal… but it’s the most romantic gesture I could imagine. He found out exactly what I loved to do and cared about in our relationship, and slammed it into a hilarious internet explosion. Beats fireworks on the beach or a romantic dinner out any day, in my book!”

Here are the memes used by Collins:












Just in case, you were wondering she said yes. However, not everyone was happy about it. Reddit user Spasmwaiter wrote “This is the most cringe inducing s**t I’ve ever seen on reddit … I hate you all so much” and others claimed that the proposal was fake. However, despite the negative comments, “it was clearly a match made on Reddit.”

To see his full proposal, hit up the original Reddit post (see via link below).

[via SFGate, Reddit]

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