Official YouTube app returns to Windows Phone 7 & 8


Remember back in May when Google forced Microsoft to remove the official YouTube app from Windows Phone Market Place due to lack of Google ads? Well guess what? after a couple of months of two companies working together, the official YouTube app is back. Now version of is available to download for Windows Phones 7 and 8. The new app looks just like the old one and one of the new functions include “the ability to upload videos directly.”

According to the app description, some of key features are:

• Pin videos, playlists, channels and search queries to the Start screen as Live Tiles
• Manage your YouTube profile with your unique My YouTube page
• Manage your playlists, uploads and video lists
• Find channels, videos and playlists with the quick access search bar with new search suggestions
• Share videos to social networks, e-mail and text messages
• Help your kids view age appropriate videos in Kid’s Corner and keep their own profile

If you don’t see it on your device, you can download it right here.

[via Engadget, Windows Phone Market Place]

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