Google Streetview driver is forcefully stopped by villagers in Thailand, forced to swear by Buddha


Google Maps Streetview driver, Deeprom Phongphon, had a scary experience in Thailand recently. While traveling through a village area, a mob accosted him, believing he was a government agent sent to collect information for plans to build a dam. This dam project came under fire from environmental activists and villagers alike, hence the reason why they were so up in arms when they saw this weird looking Streetview car passing through their humble abode.

We understand approximately 20 villagers surrounded Deeprom Phongphon and the Google Streetview car. During this time, they battered him with questions regarding the reasons for him driving around in their community in a car with a massive camera on top. Phongphon proceeded to tell the truth, however; it wasn’t enough as he was forced to swear on Buddha’s statue.

According to villagers in a statement to the Associated Press, they were “extremely worried and there had been so many repeated cases that convinced the villagers to believe someone was trying to survey the area in disguise.” Later, however, the villagers issued a public apology for behaving the way they did with the Streetview car driver.

One has to wonder, did no one at any given time see the Google name and logo on the car? Then again, when people are angry, they tend to do stupid things without giving a rational thought to the matter at hand. Or maybe the villagers don’t know what Google is. Regardless, we’re happy Mr. Phongphon is alright and in a good state of mind after such a scary ordeal. Now get back out there and make Google Maps more awesome than it already is, good sir.

[via ABC News, image via Wikimedia Commons]

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