This is a rechargeable AA battery and USB flash drive in one


Buying rechargeable batteries is a great way to help save our environment (or at least not hurt the environment as much). You can recharge them over and over whenever they run out of power until they can hold their charge. One thing most people don’t like is the battery chargers. They are bulky, nor portable, and some of them blow up which could be quite dangerous.

Here’s a solution to all those problems you had with battery chargers. Designed¬†by Woochul Hwang, you can charge this rechargeable AA battery via USB port on your computer. That’s it — plug it in and let it do its thing. Not only does it charge by plugging in, but also gives you the ability to save files, videos, audio and other documents — it holds up to 4GB of data, just like a normal USB flash drive.


We still don’t know how much it’s going to cost or the availability as it is still in the “design phase” but we reckon the price will have to be pretty low to keep people interested. After all, ideally people will need to buy more than just one since most gadgets need more than just one battery… otherwise why not just buy a regular flash drive.

Our guess is the product itself won’t be a big hit but the technology behind this can and will be applied for better uses. Let’s see what happens.

[via Technabob, InStash]

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