Google is ramping up preparation for a future without screens


How do you feel about having a computer or mobile phone that lacks a screen? Bet you believe this to be crazy and no one will even attempt it. Well, it is a bit crazy, but, as Quartz points out, that’s not stopping Google from looking to a future where many computer related products are without screens yet still powerful tools.

According to head of the Conversation Search group at Google, Scott Huffman, on the matter of screen less computer systems, “It’s now so inexpensive to have a powerful computing device in my car or lapel, that if you think about form factors, they won’t all have keyboards or screens.”

Proof of Google’s preparation for screen less computer and mobile devices, is how the company is pushing voice commands as standard on all its products. Take a look at the Motorola X, the phone was designed with voice commands in mind; the same thing can be said about Google Glass.

“What we’re really trying to do is enable a new kind of interaction with Google where it’s more like how you interact with a normal person,” states Huffman.

Voice commands shouldn’t be the only tool for screen less smart device; we believe hand gestures could work really well in such a setting. At the moment, motion sensors are still useless in many situations, but if more time and money is spent in this area, things could change for the better as technology progresses. Of course, for these functions to work without a hitch, computers will have to respond by voice since there is no screen to look at. Jarvis anyone?

As crazy as it might sound, we’re rooting for screen less mobile and computer devices, it would be interesting to see how they perform and if they are any fun to use.

[via Quartz, image via Wikimedia Commons]

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