Researchers successfully sneak malware into Apple App Store


We could easily say that iOS is one of the safest mobile platforms due to Apple’s strict app evaluation process. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that iOS is free from malware. According to recent research by scientists at Georgia Tech, it seems like Apple’s evaluation isn’t as tough as we thought. The researchers managed to sneak in malware into an app and, guess what, it was approved by Apple!

According to Technology Review, the company’s review process only takes “a few seconds before giving the green light” which isn’t enough time to detect malicious apps. The app submitted by Georgia Tech “contained code fragments that later assembled themselves into a malicious digital creature” which could send emails, take photos, tweet, steal your personal information and many other harmful things.

According to Long Lu, one of the researchers

“The app did a phone-home when it was installed, asking for commands. This gave us the ability to generate new behavior of the logic of that app which was nonexistent when it was installed”

Let’s hope this little incident will encourage Apple to review its evaluation process and hopefully, hackers won’t take advantage of it.

[via Technology Review, and Image via The Verge]

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