Sony announces Twitch TV broadcasting for PlayStation 4

twitch ps4

Sony attended Gamescom this year with an intention, to get more gamers hyped up for the PlayStation 4. The company announced the launch date, which is set on November 15, PlayStation Vita price cut, and a plethora of Indie titles. But one thing that caught the attention of many gamers is the announcement of Twitch TV coming to the most powerful console on Earth, well, at least on paper.

TwichTV streaming was first announced for the Xbox One back at E3 2013 to a thunderous applause, and for a while there, some thought Microsoft had manufactured an exclusive deal. However, with the announcement of the service coming to PlayStation 4, the playing field is now even.

This is a great time for gamers, as in the past, one would require a capture card, complex software to and a host of other equipments to stream content. Both Microsoft and Sony are making this easier and practically effortless. It will be interesting to see how both consoles perform during Twitch streaming, which should determine which console is best for that sort of thing.

For those unaware, Twitch  TV is the preferred choice among PC gamers for streaming content. So far, there’s over 600,000 streams every month and 38 million unique viewers, which is proof enough how powerful this platform is for streaming games to a wide audience.

We expect TwitchTV number of streams every month, and unique viewer count to explode in the coming years as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 compete for the hearts and minds of gamers everywhere.

[via Twitch TV]

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