Guantanamo Bay bans Google Glass


Despite the fact that it hasn’t gone on sale yet, Google Glass has been banned at several establishments such as movie theatres, bars, and casinos. It looks like another establishment has joined the list but don’t worry it’s somewhere you wouldn’t normally go. It is the Guantanamo Bay.

A new sign was put up outside the U.S military court that warns against the use of binoculars or “other visual enhancement devices.” It specifically asks you to leave Google Glass outside the base. This was in response to Carol Rosenberg, a reporter from Miami Herald, who attempted to wear her glass at the base. Reporters visiting Guantanamo Bay are allowed to take pictures and videos, which are  examined by authorities. She was allowed to record certain parts of the base but was forced to turn off at the detention centre where she wanted to “conduct interviews.”

Rosenberg wrote on Miami Herald:

Next time, perhaps, I’ll get to do more with it. The way I see it, whether it’s technology or politics, change comes slowly to Guantánamo.

So, if you happened to find yourself in Guantanamo Bay with Google Glass, be sure to leave the device unless you want it confiscated.

[via CNETMiami Herald]

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  • Mike

    It is starting to feel as if we need to enact worldwide individual privacy rights laws, folks . . . . Technology is trumping human beings . . . .

  • Unamericanize Your Internet

    That evil surveillance rubbish should be banned worldwide.

    When in a train someone wearing such thing on his head takes place in front of me I will kindly request him to leave or either I will take it off his nose and destroy it no matter the concequences.

    We gotta take serious action against this insane, very dangerous developments. I guess the Germans will be the first to ban it in public completely, as they were also the first to en masse have their houses blurred on Google Streetview and they were right. Germans have brains. (and no I’m not a German)