Chairigami builds life-size furniture completely out of cardboard

cardboard furniture

What if you could take your furniture apart for easier transport if the day should come when your landlord chooses to kick you out? It is possible, but bare in mind, this detachable furniture are all made from cardboard, so the reliability might not be on par with traditional furniture.

A company called Chairigami, which was founded by Zach Rotholz, found a way to build furniture entirely out of triple-wall cardboard. Users would have the choice to detach and reattach at any given time for easy transport, or to create space in a small room if a particular cardboard made furniture is not in use. The other advantage cardboard made furniture have over wood, is cost. A simple couch only cost $100, while the cost for shelving begins at $65.

Business is booming for Chairigami as the company is regularly working on large orders, including one for 2,000 chairs for a summer camp. If this success continues, then before we know it cardboard made furniture could become the next big thing, but as usual, only time will tell how this story ends.

While cardboard furniture are affordable, again we have to stress on the long lasting reliability compared to wood. If you’re looking into having your furniture for the next 10 years, then we wouldn’t recommend investing in cardboard. However, if you’re only planning on living in a particular area for a short amount of time, then cardboard furniture might just fit your lifestyle. Just beware of water, cardboards don’t play well with H2O.

If interested, you can purchase cardboard furniture from Chairigami online store or via brick and mortar in Connecticut.

[via Fast Coexist]

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