62 percent of office workers prefer physical keyboard over touchscreen, according to survey


No surprises here: according to a survey conducted by Forrester, office workers prefer a physical keyboard over a touchscreen. What’s surprising, though, is that only 62 percent prefer a physical keyboard. One would have expected this percentage to be higher. However, with tablets becoming ever so popular among students and in the work place, this 62 percent could fall in the coming years.

It is important to note the survey was asked in reference to tablets — do you prefer a tablet with a physical keyboard or touch keyboard. It isn’t talking about traditional computing.

Of the 62 percent who said they preferred a physical keyboard, 35 percent would rather have a tablet with a connected keyboard, while the other 27 percent preferred a tablet with a Bluetooth keyboard. The remaining 34 percent find having only a touchscreen device is more satisfactory than a physical keyboard.

According to Forrester Forrsights analyst, J.P.Gownder who wrote the report:

“Depending on the specific characteristics of a worker’s job – where they work, which applications they use, and how much information they input daily – a keyboard could be a critical optional tablet accessory.”

He also stated that some class of workers do not require a physical keyboard, and thus should do just fine. However, the need for a keyboard might become less important in 10 years as more people get accustomed to a tablet interface and overall touchscreen experience.

The survey was done on 1,000 office workers across North America and Europe. Not a high number, but still manages to represent how most tablet users are thinking. As of now, we find using a tablet without physical a physical keyboard to do real work is a pain in the leg, but as the years go by, this problem should change for the better.

[via Telegraph UK, image via Tablets Magazine]

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