Want more storage? Box is now giving 10GB free cloud storage to everyone


When it comes to cloud storage, many users are dabbling with the likes of Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, and iCloud. But for those few who are users of Box, rejoice for the company has upgraded your personal cloud storage to 10GB free storage. That’s twice the amount iCloud and Amazon Cloud Drive offers, and 5 times the amount of Dropbox.

The only major competitor to Box with more free storage is Google Drive, giving users a whopping 15GB of personal storage. We expect other competing cloud storage providers to upgrade their free storage count to compete more effectively with the leaders. We guess companies like Apple and Amazon will have no issue bumping up their free storage, but the only company that might find it difficult to do so, is Dropbox as the company doesn’t have the luxury of owning its own data centers.

In addition to the 10GB upgrade to free personal storage, Box added a new plan called Starter. With this plan, business users get 100GB of storage for only $5 per month. Furthermore, it supports up to 10 users, so more than a handful of your friends can get in on the action.

“This is an exciting and long-contemplated move, and the biggest change we’ve made to our offerings since 2010.” Says Box CEO, Aaron Levie, in a blog post

Box also announced that its cloud storage platform has reached a milestone of 20 million users. A far cry from the over 100 million users, but still a great achievement nonetheless.

Are you a user of Box? Do you use some other cloud storage? Let us know in the comments below!

[via Box Blog]

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  1. anonymous

    One thing I should have mentioned in my initial post regarding Copy: Your referrals need to install one of the Copy apps (desktop or mobile: Copy.com/install) for either of you to get the 5GB bonus space. (You can keep the space if you choose to uninstall the app.)

  2. Anonymail

    I use box on my laptop, and pc and the box android app. NEVER had any problems, I just drop stuff in the folder and there it is on my tablet or on my laptop and vice versa. Really so easy to use too!

  3. anonymous

    If you’re willing to wait, Box occasionally has promotions where they start you off with a free 50GB account. If you merely want to transfer/share files, consider using Copy until the next Box promo comes along.

    One thing that Copy has over Box is that Copy starts you off with 15 GB, and each referral gives you and your referral 5GB bonuses. Yes, both people get bonus space and there are no limitations on amount earned. (See details here: Copy.com/bigger) Feel free to use my referral link to start off with 20GB (15GB + 5GB bonus) https://copy.com?r=ILJGjO

    If you’re worried about security, consider MEGA (mega.co.nz). It’s a site created by the guy that brought us (the currently deceased) Megaupload. Info regarding the service and company history is minimal on the official site, but check Wikipedia more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mega_(website)