US state government website offers Klingon translation option [Image]


According to a spokesperson for IDES (Illinois Department of Employment Security):

The unique language doesn’t cost the department any money: Rivara said the Microsoft translation service is free. While the 280 or so pages on the department’s website can be automatically translated, department staff members review each page in each language for accuracy and nuance. The department did not take time to review Klingon — so some words, like “appeal” and “unemployment,” don’t translate on the site.

So, vaj tem DoQ, chay’ Qu’ appeal?

[via Neatorama]

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  • Seamus McSeamus

    Where is the Romulan translator?

  • I would like to say this shows a sense of humor on someone’s part, or maybe an acceptance that we will meet alien life one day, but this is the government after all. More likely they just used one of the current translation engines, like Google Translate, and didn’t realize it support Klingon. It is funny though. =)