Drone crashes into spectators at first U.S. bull run


The first bull run in the United States took place recently, but if you thought bulls were the highlight of the show, think again. Apparently, officials of the event had two unmanned aerial drones flying overhead to capture the birds-eye view of men running from bulls. Unfortunately, one of the drones chose to take a nose dive, which injured some spectators on the scene. Check it out:

According to Rob Dickens, COO of event organizer The Great Bull Run, the accident is due to errors on the side of the pilot. Apparently, the battery died mid-flight, which sent the drone crashing into the spectator stands. Such an error should have never happened in the first place, as pilots and officials should have something that alerts them of the drone’s dying battery.

At the end of the day though, injuries were not severe. We understand the victims were angrier at losing their beer rather than the drone smashing right into them.

This event shows more care must be taken when piloting an unmanned drone as they are suspect to faults, such as software failures and simple things like the battery dying during flight. Happily, no one lost their lives or were seriously injured in this accident, but what about the next time something like this happens?

So, what do you think about flying an unmanned aircraft at a public event like this? Let us know in the comments below!

[via Washington Post]

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