ATM machine in Dubai moves on its own, rides elevators and escalators [Video]

That ATM machine, known as ‘Awesome Traveling Machine’, is real and this “event” took place in Dubai Marina Mall, United Arab Emirates. The ATM machine belongs to Emirates NDB bank and was (is) one of their clever ways of marketing their bank.

Aaccording to Saif Al Mansoori, Deputy Head Group Marketing and Branding at Emirates NBD, the ATM is remote-controlled and the cash tendering capability was disabled. Which makes me wonder: if cash dispensing was disabled, does that mean it can be enabled in the future? Oh the possibilities!

[via Albawaba]

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  • Kappy

    Just “ATM” not “ATM Machine”. That is, it’s not an Automatic Teller Machine Machine.

    Sorry for being pedantic:)

  • Eric989

    [@Seamus McSeamus] Oh, no! I am already frightened of angel statues now I have to watch out for ATM’s, too?

  • Seamus McSeamus

    These things won’t be nearly as amusing when they shove out a plunger and begin yelling “exterminate!”.