Siri makes fun of Google Glass when you say ‘Ok Glass’ to Siri [Video]


“I’m not Glass. And I’m just fine with that.” Those are just one of the newest responses Siri has when you talk to her like she’s Google Glass. Apple has been known to give Siri some interesting things to say regarding pop culture references and even other competitors’ products. This video by iDownloadBlog goes through the different responses Siri now has when you say “Ok Glass:”

While his comment at the end is definitely understandable since Siri does indeed need some work if it wants to catch up with what Google is doing with speech, I don’t think a few easter eggs like these are a detriment to development. Like with other easter eggs (Google loves them), I think they’re fun little touches that make our devices a little funnier and a little more human.

[via iDB]

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