• Tom

    Are you part of life… or only on the outside looking in… Keep your phone in your pocket.

  • Bruce Fraser


    Marshall Davis performs his poem “Touchscreen.” My favourite line ends with “eye contact.”

  • JonE

    What’s really depressing is how it shows that people are building a relationship with a piece of plastic and electrical circuits while ignoring the people right next to them.

    I see this wherever I go, these days. People with a phone attached to their head or their faces buried in the screen while ignoring every person around them; now that’s sad.

    Put down that phone, get out of the house, and go meet someone. Do It Now!

  • unicorn02

    oh sorry wrong page. damn tabs! :-)

  • unicorn02

    Site was fully fine reachable with OpenDNS. I always was undecided if I should use OpenDNS. But this blog post of them shows me that the added security/reliability is worth it:

  • unicorn02

    Pretty scary. Whats more sad is that quite a few people will look at the video and think: OK, normal real life scenes– whats the point?