Ring Clock is an awesome ring that doubles as a clock

ring clock

Ever had the need or want of a watch on your finger? No, not your wrist — your finger. If yes, then you’re in luck because a company is totally interested in bringing such devices to market. What we have here is a device that goes by the name, Ring Clock, and it is basically a watch you wear on your fingers that require charging now and again.

The Ring Clock uses 144 ultra-thin mono-color LEDs to showcase the time whenever the device is twisted. Furthermore, charging the Ring Clock is a wireless affair, so you’ll need to have a Qi wireless charger plate to keep the Ring Clock up and running. We’re quite pleased with the reported 1 week battery life, and the fact that the watch is made from stainless steel material and also has a water resistant exterior.

The downside to the Ring Clock is the inability for users to change the battery, so after the battery goes blank in 3 years, you’d be required to purchase a new Ring Clock (which costs $250 per ring). This is highway robbery if you ask us, but then again, many consumers don’t usually use small gadgets like the Ring Clock for a full 3 years anyway.

Check out the video below on Ring Clock:

The company behind the Ring Clock is currently campaigning on Indeigogo with hopes that you will find interest in the project and contribute cash towards its success. The project is currently a far cry away from its $287,500 goal, but with 43 days to go, we expect the numbers to topple the requirement. Hopefully, anyway.

This is probably the best time to think about purchasing a wedding ring, she’d love it…. or not.

[via Indiegogo]

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