Devil’s Tower [Wallpaper]


This is Devil’s Tower located in the northwestern part of Wyoming, USA.

Click above for 2560×1440 resolution or click via link below for higher/lower resolutions. Also, be sure to check out Bgcall automatic wallpaper changer for Windows to help you use all the amazing wallpapers featured on dotTech.

[via Robert Bynum]

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  • DixiePenguin

    [@David Roper] Must be comparing to the batch of dirt. Still have mine, David, somewhere in storage back in the States, along with all the other detritus of younger days. Happy trails, my friend. (Damn, dated myself again)

  • JMJ

    [@David Roper] My quick glance at your comment in the comment-notification email had me breathing heavily because I misread and thought you HAD bought a ’57 Chevy. Boy, you’re lucky! You almost had an uninvited garage guest, who, not being ‘totally rude, would’ve brought along a 55-gallon drum of Brough & Howarth’s Definitive Wax Marble.

  • David Roper

    And I, old as dirt, remember this picture on a 1957(?) 3 cent stamp back when postage for first class was 3 cents. I collected it as a first day cover. Cost me only 3 cents plus the envelope, plus the additional 3 cents to mail the envelope to Wyoming for the stamp to be attached and stamped “First Day of Issue”. Today, that investment is worth 3 to 4 times what I paid for it …if i could find what I did with it???

    I wish instead that in 1957 I had bought a 1957 Chevy. That would have been a better investment, but on 50cents a week allowance, I could not swing it. Stamps were it.

  • JMJ

    [@Darcy] Beautiful story. Thanks.

    Isn’t this the formation used in the movie, “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”?

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Strange… I suddenly feel a compulsion to sculpt mashed potatoes.

    (It’s a movie reference, not senility.)

  • I always remember the NA legend of the Devil’s Tower. How seven maidens were fleeing from Bear (not a bear but the spirit Bear). The great spirit saw their plight and caused the tower to grow there with them on top, out of Bear’s reach. The claws of Bear left their mark on the tower, and left a lot of rubble around the base, but he could not get to them and left in disgust. The maidens found they could not get down and asked the Great Spirit for help so he took them into heaven and made them into 7 stars (the Pleiades, named the 7 sisters after Greek myth).