“No one told me I needed a computer to use the internet!” [Comic]


Uh… I suppose the person in this comic could have wanted to use the internet on their smartphone or tablet. Although I doubt a person like this would own a smartphone or tablet.

[via General_Hardware]

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  • FDS

    Why don’t we turn the tables and let customers tell “their” stories of interactions with tech support geniuses? That would make for good fun reading too.

    Here is mine: in the good old days of my dial-up internet connection I decided to accept the offer of a special price on DSL from my phone company.

    After confirming with them that DSL service was available in my area, I paid and they sent me a connection kit. I did everything that was needed but never got connected. So I called tech support.

    After a 20-minute wait and another 20-minute of confirming my address, etc…
    -tech guy: I don’t see an IP address.
    -me: Are you really sure you service my street?
    -tech: no, I’m not sure; but I should see an IP address.

    After another 20 minutes of playing around the IP address idea:
    -tech: Would you mind if I access your computer to see where the problem is?
    -me: No, go ahead.

    We set up Remote Assistance.

    -tech guy: OK. We are all set. Let me see… You know what? I can’t do it; it’s too slow.
    -me: What’s too slow?
    -tech guy: You have a dial-up connection; it’s too slow for Remote Assistance.
    -me: (mentally) Duh…

    I canceled and went with cable internet.