Nymi is a computer braclet that could change your life forever


What if your wearable computing gadgets could make your daily life easier, wouldn’t that be something? The age of mankind laziness is getting closer day by day as a new startup is planning to change the way we live with a wrist device called the Nymi. It’s basically a bracelet with super powers; people on the street will look at you with awe.

Okay, so what exactly is Nymi, how does it work and is this bracelet of any use? Nymi basically is a tool that allows you to unlock the various things in your life, like your car door, computer, etc.

It centers on your electrocardiogram, which measures the electrical activity produced by your beating heart. Basically, your electrocardiogram is dependent on the position, the beat, and the size of your heart. This we understand is unique to every individual, so it’s like a fingerprint. That’s how the Nymi identifies a person, and not with an actual fingerprint.

One authenticated and synchronized with your electrocardiogram, this little bracelet is capable of automatically opening your car, starting your car, opening your door, and unlocking your mobile device or computer, among many other things. Check it out:


The whole thing is just a pure technological marvel, well, that’s if it works well in real world testing.

The company behind the Nyim is called Bionym, and its team is headed by Dr. Karl Martin. Research and development on the Nymi went back as far as 10 years, which is enough to make us feel comfortable on the future prospects of this device.


We can envision great uses for the Nymi, however; it would require a complete change in some of our lives. Some of us will need an electronic door, a computerized car and just an almost complete digital lifestyle to make use of this bracelet. Plus, it will need to be adopted by car and other manufacturers before it can be used to unlock anything, aside from your phone. Still, it is an interesting bit if of tech that has potential.

Interested persons can pre-order the device right now for a decent $79. We expect this to come with an app of some sort, and limited to some mobile operating systems.

[via Nymi]

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