Google accidentally reveals Nexus 5 in promotional video for Android KitKat


When Google announced that the next version of its mobile operating system, Android 4.4, would be called KitKat, it of course wanted a fancy video to accompany it. The video shows the arrival of the latest Android mascot statue to arrive at Google HQ’s front lawn, as well as a bunch of excited people ready to take pictures and eat chocolate bars.

The only problem here is that one of those employees was taking pictures with what is clearly a Nexus device, but looks nothing like any of the announced phones in the lineup. The phone featured a Nexus logo that was laid out vertically on the rear of the device, much like the new Nexus 7, and it also had a larger lens than the Nexus 4. An LG logo can also be seen on the device, which jives well with rumors that the Korean company has been tapped once again to manufacture the next Nexus phone.

Clearly, Google doesn’t want whatever this phone really is out there, as they quickly pulled the video off of YouTube once it was spotted. But as always, the internet never forgets:

[via Phandroid]

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