Nestle KitKat makes fun of Apple’s design videos in new ad [Video]


As I’m sure you’ve probably heard by now, the next version of Android is going to be called Android KitKat. It’s the first time the operating system has used an actual brand in its name, and the partnership between Google — the company behind Android — and Nestle (the owners of the KitKat chocolate brand) goes beyond the title of the mobile OS.

While no money was reportedly exchanged in the deal, Google and Nestle will be doing a lot of cross-promotion. 50 million KitKat bars will be branded with the Android logo, giving customers the chance to win a Nexus 7 tablet or Google Play Store gift cards. But perhaps the best thing to come out of this partnership is this video, which I’m sure the marketing folks over at Google and Nestle must have had a blast creating.

The promotional video stars Christopher Catlin, Nestle’s CBO or Chief Breaks Officer — a very distinguished role if you ask me. In it, he talks about the “future of confectionary.” The entire thing is styled like one of Apple’s production videos, from Caitlin’s accent to the white backgrounds to all the hyperbole. It’s a funny little poke at Apple, who will undoubtedly have something of their own to say at their own event next week. Check it out:

[via KitKatDigital Trends]

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  • Mary


    …and it won’t melt in your hands! Just in your mouth! Can a KitKat do that? :D

  • Mary


    That’s true. I guess Nestle would need the publicity more than Google.

    Next one we’ll see is Apple joining up with M and M / Mars. Making their apple logo green with eyelashes…etc……you know what they say about those green M and M’s! ;)

  • Jim-1

    LOL! Kitkat “works perfectly in portrait or landscape”.

    @Mary: Nestle may have paid Google for this opportunity. Nestle’s Kitkat sales could increase by an order of magnitude from the publicity provided by Google. It has been a long time since I thought about having a Kitkat, but I would love to boot one up right now! :-)

  • Mary

    No smart company is going to do business with another one without exchanging money first.
    Especially on the use of a registered trademark brand!
    I am sure Nestle got a pretty penny for this! :)