The results are in: Avira, Malwarebytes, and Windows Firewall are most popular among dotTechies

Last week I asked dotTechies what security software (anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, etc.) do you protect your computer with? The polls are now closed and the results are in. Avira, Malwarebytes, and Windows Firewall are the most popular in their respective categories:

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Not surprisingly, us frugal dotTechies like the free software =). However, if I may provide a word of advice: while I am not saying you have to spend money to get good security software (you don’t – you can get excellent security software for free), if you do spend money on software, security software are always a worthy investment.

Thank you to everyone that participated – the response was astounding. Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • chinaguy

    Has anybody used rising antivirus and what do you think of it? I have used it in the past and found that I had no problems. But a friend thought it slowed down my computer. Has anybody here had any experience with it and if so what did you think? They have a free version and a paid version like avira, avas,t avg, and others.

  • Kenny

    I use NOD 32, and I paid for it. I will pay for the software that I think it’s worth in order to support them.

  • vivek

    A-squared/Bitdefender+Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro/HIPS Firewall+Avira Prem./Avast Pro./Malware bytes

    Tell me if the above Combo is good or not…

    @Ashraf:@Harry comment should be consider in the main home page!

  • fsdfd

    Avira + Comodo Firewall + Malware Bytes

  • rover3500

    I use avira,seems to block a lot of rogue ip’s that others don’t.Eset is second i think.Shame about kapersky being so slow or i’d put that third.Built in firewall with MSE is good for free though,with winpatrol for xtra.

  • MuddyMike

    I did not think windows firewall was so great. ? Aviras firewall did not work well for me blocked local pc’s could not straighten out I went to Comodo suite which seems low on the list. Also Spyware doctor I thought was top rated but low on the list but that probably because it’s not free

  • Harry

    @Ashraf: Hi Ashraf, thanks for responding. Is there any chance you could do an article at some point specifically showing this proceedure?

  • Pseudo

    Out of curiosity, or bafflement is you prefer.

    Why would anyone use the Windows Firewall with so many much better choices available?

  • drtank

    i’ll definitely review my antivirus.
    thanks .

  • A happy MSE user here :)

  • marc

    @calebstein: Heres a buck, get your facts right !

  • ji

    @calebstein: Uhuh! better use iobit 360!…COMODO CIS,Bitdefender free,mbam,sas,anvir,panda anti rootkit and of course a healthy dose of OCS plus paranoia…

  • calebstein

    Use malwarebytes?!? You mean support a company that spreads false rumors to gain publicity? I wouldn’t use malwarebytes unless someone paid me to use it.

  • @Ashraf: From a technical stand point Locutus is right, Microsoft inteneded MSE as a mainstream software. The problem is that allow alot of people have it, most I suspect have some more common mainstream product too. Also it’s performance is not up to par with other mainstreams from what I can tell, though Microsoft admited that.

  • Ashraf

    @David Roper: Hehe, glad to see it helped.

    @Locutus: Point taken. I will categorize it as mainstream from now on.

    @Harry: Avira is notorious for false positives. False positives is just a price you pay for having one of the best, if not the best, detection rates around. To counteract Avira’s abhorrent number of false positives, I use “sidekick” software and VirusTotal to verify or reject Avira’s detections.

  • Harry

    Such a helpful survey! I’m using Avira too, but so many of what I’m sure are false positives are driving me nuts and the option to ignore just gets constantly overidden! Have used Avast for other folks and held on to Avira myself thinking they can sort it out – but nothing is changing. Anybody else experiencing this?

  • Unfortunately I clicked Other on the 1st one looking for MSSE, and I don’t use a secondary security software for the second, because I didn’t see MSSE until I clicked the submit button. I think of MSSE as a mainstream app.
    22% of LH readers use MSSE as their antivirus. I consider that mainstream.

  • David Roper

    Ahhh. The golden list to use: Avira, Malwarebytes, and Windows Firewall.

    Now, to replace what I had and sleep better tonight.

    Thanks, everybody who submitted a vote for helping me.