Free Paragon Total Defrag 2010 (32-bit only) – for a limited time so hurry!

Paragon is running a 2 day promotion (ends November 29, 2009) giving away their Total Defrag 2010 software for free:


The freebie is for 32-bit users only. If you don’t know what Paragon Total Defrag 2010 is, would like to learn more about the product, or want to know what I think of it, read my full review on Paragon Total Defrag 2010. Otherwise, here are the links to get it for free:

Version being given away for free: v2010 Build 8713 (05.08.09)

Supported OS: Windows 7 (x32) / Vista (x32) / 2000 Professional / XP Home Edition / XP Professional

Paragon Total Defrag homepage

[Freebie homepage]

[Direct download]

Thanks karen!

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  • dickyhendra

    Terima kasih atas gratisannya

  • @ande: Sometimes they can. The reason is that 64 bit drivers have to be digitally signed, which can be more expensive.

    @Ashraf: What about doing an article on Defragmentation as well as the different ways to do it and the programs that do it?

  • ande

    I use Auslogics defrag and it works fine, thanks.
    On another note, but pertinent here, I’d like to get the 64 bit version of some of the free software – do you know why do the manufacturers only make the 32 bit available? I understand most people are running 32 bit, but does the 64 bit version cost more to make or something?

  • Aviator


  • Jeanjean

    Thank you both but I have follow the previous recommendations of Ashraf.

  • acr

    @Ashok: A 48.5 MB bootcd.iso is included in the download. So that explains some of the size. Personally I have not found a better defragger than j/k defrag, now mydefrag. But I still like jk as it does not require install and I have noticed the best results on my computer.

  • Ashraf

    @tarzan007: You are welcome =). Thank Karen too!

    @Amit K: You are welcome =). Thank Karen too!

    @John: You are welcome =). Thank Karen too!

    @mohsen: Thanks for the feedback =).

    @Giovanni: Honestly, the only thing I really like about Paragon Total Defrag 2010 is the boot disk. Otherwise, while it is good, 75 MB for a defragger is too much!

    I don’t know about Ultimate Defrag but IObit Smart Defrag is excellent.

    @Ashok: I couldn’t agree more. However I do like Auslogics over Defraggler.

    @Quro@75: You are welcome =).

    @Bruce Fraser: I am not recommending this product; did you read my review? I recommended other defrags. I am simply bringing this freebie to light (with the help of Karen of course). Anyway, I do think you are worried too much about that – it doesn’t seem too big of a deal to me.

    @jumbi: I agree. Twice.

  • jumbi

    # Bruce Fraser
    If you really care about your computer (and its data), you should use a UPS anyway.
    In that case, use fast mode.

    Letting the user choose which mode to use, doesn’t makes the product “dead” :-)

    Also, Paragon offers the creation of a bootable CD which makes a better defragment overall. Most other defragmenters do not offer this option.

  • Bruce Fraser

    Ashraf: I’m astonished that you recommend this product! It should be dead on arrival. Here’s why.

    The Paragon website contains this gem in its description of the software:
    “Use one of 2 available modes for defragmentation: Fast or Safe. Safe Mode is slower but it protects your data in case of a power failure during defragmentation.”

    Safe is OPTIONAL?!!

    Almost all defrag programs use the defragmenter API which comes built into Windows. It GUARANTEES safety by not overwriting data until a copy is securely made elsewhere on the drive. Sure, this slows things down, but what’s the rush? Just let it work away in the background, or even better, schedule it to run during the night.

  • I do love Paragon’s product. But I think I am gonna pass this one. As your last review result about this Paragon Total Defrag 2010, this one is not fit me. But still thanks to Karen & Ashraf for telling us abaout this opportunity.

  • Ashok

    A whopping 75MB doanload for this while Defraggler from makers of CCleaner is free and a very small footprint. Also supports 64 bit!

  • Giovanni

    Hey Ashraf,

    I have just a question for you and/or everybody else:

    is, in your view, Paragon Total Defrag 2010 better than the award winning ULTIMATE DEFRAG??

    And what about IObit SMART DEFRAG?

    Waiting for your tech feedback.

  • mohsen

    thanks ashraf,
    i haven’t tried 2010 version but total defrag 2009 was very slow ,even in fast mode,and it always defrags whole partition, i mean even if you add a single file to an already defraged drive,paragon still starts from beginning,just like your drive is completely fragmented (with default method).
    there is not any slower defragment software in the world than it’s boot time defrag.
    when time is subject,paragon is looser.

  • John

    Tough luck here. I’m on a 64bit system. But, a great thanks to you for publishing this offering for our 32 bit friends.

  • Amit K

    Thanks for this.

  • tarzan007

    Thanks a lot for the heads up Ashraf