Sprayable Energy is a liquid you spray on your skin to get coffee-like energy

sprayable energy

What if you could gain energy during the day without having to drink coffee, or eat an energy bar? Heck, what if you could gain energy by just spraying an ointment/liquid four times on your body? Is this product real? Yes, it is. Does it work? We can’t tell because we haven’t used it, but it is patent pending so maybe it does work.

The product under the radar is called Sprayable Energy, and for some reason, many people seem to think this product works. Basically, you’ll spray the ointment/liquid on your skin four times, then wait as it goes into your pours and delivers much needed energy. The creators say users will get the same amount of energy similar to drinking a cup of coffee.

Check it out from the video below:

According to the creators, Sprayable Energy is safer to use than a cup of coffee since the product allegedly contains less caffeine. Furthermore, this is not something you’ll digest, so it is likely it won’t affect your liver in anyway. However, these claims are moot since it doesn’t appear if the product has been scientifically tested.

What are the side effects to using Sprayable Energy?

Well, it is the same as drinking coffee say the creators. Use too much and you’ll feel the same effect when compared to drinking too much coffee, so that should give you an idea. We’d like to think other there might be other effects, probably ones to do with the skin since it has to be sprayed directly on the body.

If you’re interested in Sprayable Energy, contribute to the project at Indiegogo. There are 21 days left and with $65,000, it has already passed its goal of $15,000 so there is huge hope it will actually be delivered.

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