Mercedes-Benz demos awesome self driving car


The world of self driving cars has taken a twist with Mercedes-Benz entering the arena with their self-driving class, S 500. (Which, by way, tells us why car manufacturers were unwilling to work with Google, which ultimately forced the company to begin making plans of going at it alone.)

It appears Mercedes-Benz is well ahead of the pack, as the company became the first car manufacturer to pull off automatic driving on both interurban and urban routes. It’s probably a good sign that things are going pretty well on the software side of things, which could allow Mercedes to launch the first self driving car ahead of the competition.

The great thing about the S 500 is its ability to recognize traffic, stoplights, trams, cyclists, pedestrians, and even roundabouts. We’re not certain if the Google self driving car is capable of everything we just listed, but Mercedes appears to be quite ahead in this space. Check out the demo in the video below:

“This S-Class spells out where we’re headed with ‘Intelligent Drive’ and what tremendous potential there is in currently available technology,” says Dr. Dieter Zetsche, head of Mercedes-Benz Cars. “Of course, it would have been a lot easier to take the autobahn for the autonomous drive from Mannheim to Pforzheim. But there was a special motivation for us to carry out this autonomous drive along this very route 125 years after Bertha Benz. After all, we wouldn’t be Mercedes-Benz unless we set ourselves challenging goals and then went on to achieve them.”

Here’s the interesting part that is sure to peak in your interest. According to Hybrid Cars, the technology used in the Mercedes S 500 is not special nor it is expensive. In fact, the car manufacturer is using “near-production-standard technology,” which from our understanding, is already found in some Mercedes made cars in some form or the other. So you may see self driving Mercedes on the road sooner later than rather. Too bad I can’t afford one.

What are your thoughts on self driving cars? Let us know in the comments below!

[via Hybrid Cars, image via Inhabitat]

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  • J.L.

    [@Darcy] Self-driving cars don’t need remote control capabilities or connection to the Internet. They can be hardened like any computer as well.

    If the hackers have physical control of the vehicle, it won’t really matter since they can easily threaten you to submission too.

  • OK we have articles about cars that can drive themselves by computer control, and articles about hackers that can hoax remote controlled vehicles, on the same website. Anyone else see a potential problem in the making here?

  • J.L.

    [@GF] Probably typed that lacking sleep, intoxicated, and on a cell phone while driving.

  • dtwill08

    i want one

  • JonE

    I’m not against it; it’s neat technology, but it would definitely take the fun out of driving. Although I can see how it would be really convenient on a long, long trip.

    But, as we all know technology fails. I admit that current technology fails less often, but it still fails, and I just don’t ever see myself fully trusting this kind of technology.

    As someone who spent years in the aviation and avionics fields I’ve seen first hand what can happen when this kind of technology fails.

    Although I must admit that the U.S. Navy has been using this kind of technology to land aircraft on Aircraft Carriers, for years, with a outstanding safety record. And it took years to get pilots to trust the technology when they first started using it years ago. And these days there are multiple systems to tell pilots if something isn’t working quite right, and generally more than one backup system to kick in if something fails, and still have personnel to monitor landings to tell pilots if they are not lined up quite right. And the Navy has been launching and landing unmanned drones with great success.

    And if the auto industry includes the same kinds of safety features the military has been using, for years, then I just might find myself trusting the technology a bit more.

    It’s definitely neat technology, but for now I will watch and wait.

  • GF

    I am waiting for the first massacres caused by those cars.
    I am sure that fine tuning of the onboard computer will cost many dead people.