South Korea to build world’s first invisible skyscraper


In the coming years, South Korea will be home to the world’s first, and probably last, invisible tower. We’re not certain what’s the reasoning behind building this tower (aside from South Korea being able to say “first”), but we’re certain the South Korean government approved the creation of this thing by U.S.-based GDS Architects.

Now, before you go ahead parading around your local square, please note that this thing about invisibility is an illusion — it isn’t real invisibility. You got that? Perfect, you’re a champ.

The illusion is made possible by a LED façade system that makes use a series of cameras that will send images taken in real-time to the tower’s reflective surface. Basically, whatever that sits behind the tower will be reflected to the front to create the illusion of invisibility. There’s a lot of digital processing that goes into making the invisible tower a possibility, and we can’t wait to see (or, rather, not see) the outcome.

Strangely enough, the invisible tower — dubbed Tower Infinity and going to be roughly 1,500 feet (457 meters) tall — will be built near Incheon International Airport, that’s outside of Seoul. Now, call us crazy, but why would they choose to build an invisible tower near an airport? You see, pilots are well known to fly directly into things they can see clearly, now just imagine a tower that is invisible. We don’t see this move ending well at all, but hopefully we’re wrong about this, and nothing tragic happens anywhere close to the invisible tower.

Maybe next they should manufacturer an invisible car; we’d purchase that in a heartbeat, surely.

[via CNN, GDS]

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