Grant Gustin is the Flash in season 2 of Arrow


Season 2 of Arrow is shaping up to be something worth remembering, especially now that Warner Bros. have found the actor who will become the Flash. The actor is no other than Glee’s star, Grant Gustin, which is a surprise to some, though let’s hope no one goes ahead with the plan of whining and complaining, it’s quite foolish.

Gustin will play the role of Barry Allen, Central City assistant police forensic investigator who traveled to Starling City to investigate a series of robberies that may have a link to a certain tragedy in his past. If you’re a fan of DC Comics, then you should know what this tragedy is, if you’re not, we won’t spoil it for you.

From our understanding, Barry Allen will only feature in episode 8, 9, and 20. In the first two episodes, Allen is a normal person who gets caught up in the world of the vigilante, Green Arrow. However, episode 20 should bring forth the origins of how he acquired his powers, and straight into the world of the Flash.

From there, fans should expect a Flash spin-off series, though the CW and Warner Bros. have yet to make this confirmation,

It will be interesting to see how the producers introduce the Flash in the Arrow series since it is known to be quite realistic. We’re guessing certain extraordinary events will take place, which should change the realistic nature of Arrow’s universe. We’re even going out on the limb here to suggest Warner Bros. will blend Arrow’s universe into that of Man of Steel, making them one and the same.

Arrow Season 2 begins on October 9, 2013, on the CW.

[via Entertainment Weekly, image via Celebrities Height]

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