Smart Lid warns you when your coffee is too hot, protects you from burns


For years, we have to contend with being burnt alive by a hot cup of coffee, a problem that appears to have no end in sight. However, there’s always a special invention around the corner that allows us to keep having faith in humanity, and this is one of those inventions. All hail Smart Lid, a disposable hot drink lid that possesses the ability to change color depending on the heat of the cup.

Originally the color of the Smart Lid is maroon, but when the lid is placed on a cup of very hot coffee, the Smart Lid begins to change color to bright red and goes back to maroon after the heat has died down a little bit. The idea here is the more bright red the lid, the hotter your coffee is. We like this kind of stuff, as no longer shall we suffer from looking like a total creep in the coffee shop when we make a weird face after feeling the burn.

We could see the Smart Lid taking off substantially in coffee shops like Starbucks, or even at Ashraf’s house since he is the real master coffee drinker. Plus, the price point is pretty reasonable since you can get 1000 Smart Lids for as low as $49.99 — or roughly 5 cents per cup of coffee.

While we deem Smart Lid as innovative, it is not certain how long a single Smart Lid would be able to work its magic before it burns out of juice. In other words, we don’t know for how long a Smart Lid changes color based on the heat of coffee before it conks out and stops warning you. We’d love to know this, but the manufacturer failed to make this information available on its website. We do know that they are disposable, so presumably they only work as long as it takes to drink one cup of coffee.

Who wants one? Let us know in the comments below!

[via Smart Lid]

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