Jump Genie lets you jump start your car without the need of another car


Don’t you just hate when your car battery runs down? The worst part is that you’d have to go ask strangers if they have jumper cables and if they will jump start the battery for you. Well thanks to Jump Genie, your days of begging for jumper cables are over — and you don’t even have to open the car hood!

Just plug Jump Genie into the cigarette lighter, and it will charge your car battery for you. It obviously takes a few minutes to charge and the juice it gives your car is just enough to drive to a mechanic, but hey it’s better than going around asking for jumper cables, right? Once your car has enough charge for you to drive it, just start the engine and go.

Jump Genie is small enough to fit into your car’s storage compartment, and it is something that we all should carry in our cars. Another good thing about this device is that you do not need a separate charger, just leave it plugged into the cigarette lighter and it will re-charge itself as you drive — takes about 40 minutes. (Assuming your battery can support a re-charge — we don’t recommend leaving Jump Genie plugged into a car you just jump started with Jump Genie.) Then it will be ready for future needs.

Want to get one for yourself? You can pick it up for 29.95 euros (roughly US$49) at The Verdict.

[via Technabob, Red Ferret

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  • haakon

    I know this is not a advertising site but the Pandoras box have been opened :-)


    This unit is expensive but it have a huge collection of charging options.
    Not only emergenzy starting
    (I have one of these and love it- laptop, cameras and phone charging- and emergenzy starting)

  • JMJ

    This is a really cool device, if for no other reason than the size. There are plenty of similar devices (I keep on in each of my vehicles) but those I’ve seen have +/- cables that you have to connect to the car’s battery to jump it. Mine can only be recharged by AC, so this is really great because you keep it in the car, recharge it there AND don’t have to get out of the car to use it: I’m thinking wife/girlfriend’s being able to stay safely in the car and help herself.

    @joe – Beg for cables? Those, flashlight, flares, canned tire sealer/inflator, basic toolkit and first-aid kit should be in your car anyway… along with your newly discovered device. :-o Hope you never need them.

  • etim

    [@Ashraf] Now if we can just get one to jump a car!

  • Ashraf

    [@etim] For what it is worth, you can buy portable laptop/mobile battery packs that connect via USB and can be recharged using your car,

  • etim

    [@Ashraf] Yeah, I didn’t think about that. And having to mess with converters, etc. would blow a big hole in the convenience, wouldn’t it?

  • Ashraf

    [@etim] I’m no physicist but wouldn’t the voltages differ between a car battery and laptop/pad battery?

  • etim

    I wonder if you can use it as a backup laptop/pad battery that you can keep/recharge in the car?
    I’d have more faith in using it for something like that than to actually start a car.