USB Condom protects your phone or tablet against digital diseases


You may not realize it but most of the time when you charge your smartphone or tablet via USB port on a computer, you are not only charging your device but you have also given the computer direct access to your files stored on your smartphone or tablet. You see most smartphones and tablets are charged and enable data transfer via USB at the same time.

For most of us, this isn’t an issue as we typically only plug into our own computers and unless our computers have a virus that specifically targets smartphones or tablets, data transfer between computer and mobile device isn’t something to be concerned above. However, if the computer you are connected to is infected with a virus that targets smartphones and tablets, it is very possible that the computer copy over your files without your knowledge or potentially download malware onto your device. That is why USB Condom was born.

Developed by, the USB Condom is a sleeve that goes over USB wires. The sleeve blocks the data transfer pins in USB wires and only allows the charging pins to work, making it impossible for data transfer to occur between computer and device.

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 12.32.29 PM

Although it will be a bit annoying to have to put on all your USB wires, it certainly is a great invention. Especially nowadays when everyone is concerned about their privacy.

Unfortunately, USB Condom is currently sold out so not only does not show its price but you won’t be able to get one until the next shipment arrives, which is expected within this week. Still, it may be worth the wait. You can hit up the via link below to go to its official website for purchase once it is back.

So, there we have it. Next time you have to charge your device at public charging stations, make sure to use protection.

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  • Coyote

    This looks really sketchy, even the main site only shows the schematic and wiring diagram. How do we know this isn’t just a fancy keylogger or other hacking attempt by some no name company? It’s already been proven that the iPhone accepts any and all inputs from a USB host, this could be an exploit on that.

    Also… terrible product name. The comments on Verge had it hands down;

    “Peripheral Prophylactic it is, then.”

    That shorter name is golden.

  • CJ Cotter

    Hmmm….. Some public-interest or marketing group needs to do a survey: How/where do you charge your smartphone or tablet? I think that it would be enlightening to us all!

  • kevbo

    [@CJ Cotter] Agree with Mr Boss-Man, I have a nice little 6″ USB cable which I use to charge my phone when working on my lap-top, keeps the wire clutter down and my phone is right there to use however I need.

    Where have you been? There is the growing use of public charging stations for devices, for which these are perfect.

  • Ashraf

    [@CJ Cotter] I charge my smartphone/tablet via USB port all the time… it is a lot more convenient for met than plugging in AC adapter.

  • CJ Cotter

    WHERE have you people been? WHO on earth anymore charges their smartphone or tablet via computer USB? Even your corner gas station now, sells AC-to-USB charging ports with device adapters. Portable take-anywhere power-paks are also becoming popular. USB condom? Sorry, no market for it. D.O.A. technology.