Nexus 4 sells out on Google Play, then the Nexus 5 conveniently gets leaked in photos and video


Today, the Nexus 4 sold out on the Google Play Store. And according to The Verge, “Google has no plans to bring it back in stock in any storage size.” This means that the device’s rain as the flagship Nexus phone is effectively over and the only thing left is for Google to announce its successor.

Coincidentally, photos and videos of a phone that looks just like the Nexus 5 that Google first leaked themselves have shown up online. It’s definitely the same device, with the horizontal Nexus text along with the larger camera:



The tipster that sent the photos was also kind enough to send in some videos. The software running on the device, however, curiously looks almost identical to Android Jellybean. Whether that means Android KitKat won’t feature a radically different look or that this is a prototype device running older or unfinished software, we don’t know. But at the rate we’re going, it looks like Google might be readying to give the official word any day now.

Also, it’s really amazing that if a leaked picture isn’t blurry or obscured, then it’s ridiculously dark. One day we’ll get a nice photo of a leaked device. One day.

[via The Verge, 9To5Google]

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