Brazil plans to disconnect itself from US internet because of NSA spying


Brazil is planning to make some big changes due to the NSA and its spying fetish. The plan of the Brazilian government is to disconnect itself from the US internet, which is by no means a simple task seeing as US-based companies dominate the web. However, according to the Washington Post, there’s a real plan in place though no one is certain if it is even possible at this point.

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is very aggressive about this plan, and has already ordered numerous unlikely-to-happen but possible ways of moving away from America’s internet for good. For example, Rousseff wants US-based companies such as Google and Facebook to build servers inside Brazil and to place an underwater cable to Europe so that Brazil can link with those nations directly.

Furthermore, she wants Brazil to build more internet exchange points to enable better navigation around spyware, along with creating a nationwide free email service to compete with, Yahoo, and Gmail.

These are big plans, ones that might lead to internet restrictions similar to what China and Russia are doing. Furthermore, this push by Brazil to escape the clutches of the NSA could lead to other countries pulling off a similar stunt, which would likely take revenue away from U.S. companies in the years to come.

We expect US-based cloud services to continue to take big hits unless somebody is able to convince users that they won’t be spied on by some NSA employee seeking to extract your homemade porn stored in the cloud. Wait a minute, why would you even save it there in the first place? Silly rabbit.

[via Washington Post, image via StarGroup]

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  • Coyote

    [@T] I think you give companies to much credit, if an offical looking letter with a fancy seal on it comes in they jump. If a suit shows up and flashes a badge he gets access to whatever he wants. And if they refuse? Well that’s a federal offence for holding up an investigation. And the gov’t doesn’t care about the lost customers, or bad rep the company would earn, they just want to know who their wife is diddling or who stole their parking spot at TGiFridays.

  • Coyote

    I store all my homemade porn on redtube or the like. If they want to watch let’em, they just gotta put up with the same ads and hurdles everyone else does. If they’re watching without paying I expect a check in the mail for my royalties.

    Honestly South Park hit the nail on the head, nobody cares that the NSA are watching, they just care that nobody bothered to tell them. Personally my complaint isn’t that the gov’t has this access, it’s that they give anybody with a MBA and criminal law degree carte-blanch to look at whatever they like with no oversight.

    To quote a great comicbook, “Who will watch the watchers.”

  • Mike

    How sad to see this great country now getting shunned, understandably and justifiedly so.

  • RealBull

    I agree. Brazil has a handful of problems for themselves. But I think what there doing will create a new path for the Internet and may keep it free and out of the hands of “Big Brother”.
    To add to this, as the cat has been let out of the bag, poop hitting the fan, or whatever, it seems like the NWO plan will not happen or slow it down.

  • Daniel

    Almost every attempt to hack my eBay, Paypal, Google, Hotmail, etc., accounts come from a Brazilian IP address.
    Don’t let the door hit you on your way out.
    Not that that will stop the hackers, but it might slow them down.
    The NSA on the other hand is a different matter. We don’t need to prove a sci-fi writer was able to predict the future.

  • T

    At least one country is doing something about all this.
    As soon as US companies see the drop in revenue, they will do something about the NSA, aka Big Brother.
    We can talk liberties and privacy till we’re blue in the face, but hit their pockets, that is whe they will move.

  • redmaledeer

    Good for them.