Turboline is a salad spinner with a turbo rotation speed


With the advancement of consumer technology happening at a rapid pace, you can bet your life that eventually there will be something for everyone. Let’s take a look at one of those things, it’s called the Turboline from EMSA, and it’s basically a salad spinner with a twist. We’re guessing making salad the old way is slowly becoming a thing of the past, and that’s fine.

This particular salad spinner comes packed with a turbo button that allows for a 50 percent increase in rotation speeds. Now, the big question is this, do we really want a salad spinner that is capable of rotating 50 percent faster than a normal salad spinner? No we don’t, but we’ll buy it anyway because it has a button that says “turbo” on it.

Apart from the turbo charged rotation, the Turboline is a stainless a decent looking stainless steel bowl that is guaranteed to catch the eyes of visitors to your home. Furthermore, the price of this bad boy is just $45, which is not too bad if you consider the stainless steel and the turbo charged rotation.

We have to wonder though, whenever EMSA releases the next version of the Turboline, what will they call it? Typhoonline, or better yet, super-charged Turbo Typhoonline? Sounds good.

[via EMSA]

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  • WildCat

    [@J.L.] Yes I did. Along with a few things in the video…
    i.e. “save and secure stand” for one.

    Maybe it’s just me, but is anyone else wishing they could see the look on JonE’s face if he Google’s “toss my salad”?!?!… :X

  • J.L.

    Nobody picked this up?: “the Turboline is a stainless a decent looking stainless”.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    We have a salad spinner. My wife bought it. It lives under the counter and rarely gets used. We eat plenty of salads, but I don’t use the spinner and my wife quickly discovered what I already knew – it’s more trouble to use than it’s worth. I’ll sell it to you for cheap. The salad spinner, not my wife.

  • JonE

    [@Bruce Fraser] OH! (red faced) Thanks for that; I’m an old dog and I learn new tricks every day. However, I also learn that there is something I can’t do that I used to be able to do, just about every week. And eating salad is one of those things (oral surgery & can’t stand artificial teeth – DANG IT!)

    Nothing better than a cool salad, with all the fixins, on a hot summer day. And when I was makin salad I just peeled the outside leaves and then run it under water and dry with a towel (takes about a minute). But, everyone does things differently.

    Lettuce is one of the few fresh vegetables I’d buy from a grocery store any more. I either grow it myself or buy it from a farmer. Lots of Amish farmers around where I live.

    Anyway, thanks for the info; I definitely know I don’t need one now.

  • Bruce Fraser


    A salad spinner doesn’t toss the salad.
    After washing the lettuce to get rid of all the chemicals, you’ve got a pile of wet leaves. Not good for salad. A spinner uses centrifugal force to drain the water off the leaves, so they are ready to go in the salad.
    It’s still something you can do perfectly well for free: I just shake my leaves to get the water off. Takes a few minutes longer; but it’s also one less thing that needs washing up afterwards.

  • JonE

    I feel myself turning into Giovanni here.

    Really? Forty Five Dollars for something I can do for free? I need an appliance to toss my salad? “Com’ On Man”, how much time and effort does it take to toss a stinkin salad? And yeah, that’s just what I need; just one more appliance to use up space and do nothing.

    I’ve bought that woman every conceivable modern contraption you can think of and all they do is sit around and collect dust.

    Now, if they invent somethng that will do the shopping, put it all away, do the cooking, clean the dishes, and so on, please let me know; I’ll buy it.

    In the mean time, No Thank You!

  • etim

    Oh boy, my hamster’s gonna have some real fun now!