Speccy provides detailed information on what is under the hood (i.e. your hardware)

Quick, what CPU does your computer have? RAM? Hard drive? Audio card? Graphics card? What you don’t know? That is a darn shame. Sounds like you need to give Speccy a try.

Speccy is a Piriform – the developers of CCleaner – creation which provides detailed information on the insides of your computer (your hardware):


As you can see in the screenshot, Speccy analyzes the operating system, CPU, RAM, motherboard, graphics card, hard drives, optical drives, and audio card of your computer and displays the information to you. Under the “Summary” tab you will get a summary of that information and if you want more details, clicking on hardware list on the left hand side will give you just that:

2009-12-04_212600 2009-12-04_212628 2009-12-04_212700 2009-12-04_212718 2009-12-04_212804 2009-12-04_212822 2009-12-04_212839 2009-12-04_212858

Although you can’t see it in my screenshots above (because I am running 32-bit and ran Speccy on a virtual machine for the purposes of the screenshots), Speccy also displays the temperature of your CPU, hard drive(s), and graphic card(s), and tells you if you are running a 64-bit machine.

One cool feature of Speccy is the ability to take “snapshots” (“File” -> “Save Snapshot…”) of  your computer configuration. This allows users to easily pass on information on their computer to technical support whenever they need assistance; all you need to do is e-mail the tech the “snapshot” you saved (it is a .speccy file format) and all the tech needs to do is run Speccy and load the “snapshot” to see exactly what you see (“File” -> “Load Snapshot…”).

Now, admittedly, there are many software that will conduct more encompassing audits of your computer, such as EVEREST Ultimate Edition and WinAudit, but Speccy is still very handy… especially considering it has a standalone, portable version. You may download Speccy from the following links:

Version reviewed: v1.00.066 Beta

Supported OS: Windows 98 and above

Speccy homepage

[Direct download – installer]

[Direct download – portable version]

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  • Giovanni

    Yes Speccy great product especially because it’s PORTABLE!!

    However this FREE amazing professional system info tool, I’ve been using for a while, definitely outclasses both Speccy and any other similar software out there.

    Why?? Because not only it shows you any kind of technical info about your hardware, but it can even DIAGNOSE your PC providing support for the latest components of it (drivers updates, computer manufacturers, system integrators etc…).

    Simply amazing dudes and of course PORTABLE version is also available:



    Enjoy & Prosper (for FREE of course!!)!!

  • Henk

    Speccy is a terific program, I’ve been using it for a very long time now. Oke, you can find almost all the information yourself within Windows (if you would know how).
    But why spend a lot of time searching, when Speccy can do the job for you. And faster.
    I also used SIW and think it’s a great program, never had any problems. But SIW isn’t very suitable for the average user because it gives you a lot of information, almost to much.

    The main reason why I keep on using Speccy is indeed it’s portability and it’s summary page combined with the several details. It provides me a quick overview of a clients computer.

  • Nickk

    Good Review Ashraf,

    I like Speccy, it is basic, but at it gives temps and there is a portable version. I also like CPU-Z, by CPUID.

    I tried SIW as many have recommended on here. It looked very thorough, informative and impressive. However, I unistalled it. As soon as I hit the Eureka button in SIW, it downloaded some SiwPwdSpy.dll file. Bitfender picked it up as a virus and deleted it. Apparently the Eureka button looks for passwords on your computer and I noticed it found my ISP password. No program of this nature should try to crack your passwords, so I immediately uninstalled. Bitdefnder also kept blocking the developers website as it kept saying it had malware. From this brief experience with SIW, its not worth the risk.

  • John Dye

    I like Piriform, they seem like a nice little outfit making up all of these little, useful programs. This one is pretty basic, and the info is available elsewhere, but this is very easy and handy to use. Thanks.

  • Al Hall

    Thanks Ashraf! I got all the way to the last sentence thinking to myself: “As much as I like CCleaner and trust the quality of their programmer’s work, I already have Everest.” But, putting a portable version of Speccy on a flash drive with other first aid utilities makes perfect sense.

    In fact, this makes me think that you ought to start a thread on what would be on “The Perfect First Aid Kit Flash Drive”.

  • OldElmerFudd

    The screenshot feature looks interesting and may be useful if the user has the ability to capture it for reference.
    I use SIW – System Information for Windows – on all my machines. Thorough, portable, and light (1.5MB), it can be found at http://www.gtopala.com/

  • Sandeep

    Thanks Ashraf for this find.

    But i already have Everest Ultimate Edition which does the same job.

    Thanks Anyways.

  • Jabtano

    It’s not that bad, although the first time I used it it locked up and crashed me. Even though I know what type of hardware is in my machine it still is handy. that’s the ok part of it.

    What isn’t that hot.
    If you would like to print out the results. you can’t lest not from there menu.it is something that I think they should have included some sort of print function. because some people do not know how to print without that function. just a thought.

  • Jaap

    Speccy does not display the temperature of my graphics card. SIW (System Information for Windows)does..

    Speccy is nice, fast and small, but SIW gives mutch more information.

  • Alan

    The email notifying me of this article stated
    “Please feel free to rate the article and/or leave any comments.”

    How do I “rate the article” ?
    I was expecting to find something like the download.com option of 5 stars giving me a choice of how many stars to award.

    I award 5 stars to this article * * * * *

  • Alan

    Some clueless people break their computers and do not know how to fix them,
    so they ask for help on a technical support forum by saying
    Help, my computer is broken !

    They do not say what operating system – they do not even know that they have an operating system.

    It takes many questions and answers to identify in what way the computer is “broken”.
    So long as the computer can boot up, Speccy may save an awful lot of time, effort, and exasperation by providing a report on all the mysterious inner workings of the computer.

  • Ron

    The folks at Piriform are not content to rest on their laurels, apparently. The screenshot feature looks like a nice way to communicate a problem if you’re really stuck, unless the situation is too severe for booting into windows.

    I’ve used SIW (System Information for Windows) for years. Very thorough, and portable as well. 1.5MB download. http://www.gtopala.com/

  • Someguy

    Actually I do know how much RAM, Hard drive, Audio card, and Graphics card strength my computer has so not really handy and AnVir Task Manager does the same thing. And if you do not want that, there is always System Information on Windows. Linux and Mac have thier own. So not really handy.

  • dojo

    Very handy! Very cool! Love the portable. Another great find, Ashraf!