Speccy provides detailed information on what is under the hood (i.e. your hardware)

Quick, what CPU does your computer have? RAM? Hard drive? Audio card? Graphics card? What you don’t know? That is a darn shame. Sounds like you need to give Speccy a try.

Speccy is a Piriform – the developers of CCleaner – creation which provides detailed information on the insides of your computer (your hardware):


As you can see in the screenshot, Speccy analyzes the operating system, CPU, RAM, motherboard, graphics card, hard drives, optical drives, and audio card of your computer and displays the information to you. Under the “Summary” tab you will get a summary of that information and if you want more details, clicking on hardware list on the left hand side will give you just that:

2009-12-04_212600 2009-12-04_212628 2009-12-04_212700 2009-12-04_212718 2009-12-04_212804 2009-12-04_212822 2009-12-04_212839 2009-12-04_212858

Although you can’t see it in my screenshots above (because I am running 32-bit and ran Speccy on a virtual machine for the purposes of the screenshots), Speccy also displays the temperature of your CPU, hard drive(s), and graphic card(s), and tells you if you are running a 64-bit machine.

One cool feature of Speccy is the ability to take “snapshots” (“File” -> “Save Snapshot…”) of  your computer configuration. This allows users to easily pass on information on their computer to technical support whenever they need assistance; all you need to do is e-mail the tech the “snapshot” you saved (it is a .speccy file format) and all the tech needs to do is run Speccy and load the “snapshot” to see exactly what you see (“File” -> “Load Snapshot…”).

Now, admittedly, there are many software that will conduct more encompassing audits of your computer, such as EVEREST Ultimate Edition and WinAudit, but Speccy is still very handy… especially considering it has a standalone, portable version. You may download Speccy from the following links:

Version reviewed: v1.00.066 Beta

Supported OS: Windows 98 and above

Speccy homepage

[Direct download – installer]

[Direct download – portable version]

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