Free Investintech’s Sonic PDF Creator (v3.0)! [Limited time offer]

Software Description

The following is a description of Sonic PDF Creator, as per the developer:

Create professional looking and secure PDF documents from hundreds of Windows applications. A simple to use interface with value added features you’ll need, like batch conversion, watermarking, PDF merging and splitting & more.

  • Edit and save PDF documents
  • PDF to Text extraction capabilities
  • Split and merge PDF files
  • Attach a PDF into an active document
  • Add bookmarks and watermarks
  • Batch create PDF files from a variety of formats
  • Stamp text and image on the active PDF document
  • A variety of PDF compression options are available
  • Set passwords to secure your PDF
  • Insert and delete pages from your PDF file

dotTech Advice

Sonic PDF Creator is a program that falls between basic PDF printers (like CutePDF or Bullzip PDF) and advanced PDF editing suites (like Nitro PDF Pro or Adobe Acrobat Pro). With Sonic PDF Creator you can create PDFs (Sonic PDF Creator installs a virtual PDF printer which you can use to create PDFs got of any program has the ability to print — it uses Ghostscript) and edit PDFs. When creating PDFs, Sonic PDF Creator comes with all the features we would expect in a shareware program, such as the ability to encrypt/password protect PDFs, compress PDFs, watermark PDFs, etc. When editing PDFs, Sonic PDF Creator allows users to merge pages, rotate pages, crop pages, watermark pages, add/remove password, resize pages, extract pages, merge PDFs, add files to PDFs, create bookmarks in PDF, etc. Essentially the editing capabilities of Sonic PDF Creator falls short of being a full-blown PDF editor. For example, there is no way to edit text or annotate. So the best way I can describe Sonic PDF Creator is it is a PDF creator with PDF manipulation capabilities.

That said, I was extremely disappointed in Sonic PDF Creator. On paper it looks like a good, niche program for those that want the ability to create and manipulate PDFs but don’t want to pay the extra dime for a full blown PDF editor. In performance I find it lacking. Admittedly I didn’t do a full review on the program so my verdict isn’t final in the least. However, from the little time I did spend with it, I definitely won’t be recommending Sonic PDF Creator to anyone. Why, you ask? Three reasons (that I have found so far):

  • Firstly, for whatever reason, when creating a PDF the text is lighter (less “bold”, although the original text isn’t bold) than it should be be. I looked through the settings to see if I could somehow change this but I couldn’t find a way. I tested this with Word -> PDF and Excel -> PDF.
  • Secondly, Sonic PDF Creator’s editor does not properly detect screen resolution — its windows and panels are larger than my screen resolution with no way to either scroll or resize (e.g. the left panel).
  • Thirdly, there is a weird bug in Sonic PDF Creator’s editor that when I have any zoom except Fit to Page, simply moving my mouse around in the PDF preview window scrolls the PDF.

You are welcome to give Sonic PDF Creator a shot yourself — you may have a better experience. However, based on my quick review I won’t be recommending it to anyone.

Freebie Details

This freebie is a bit unorthodox. You see Investintech recently released Sonic PDF Creator v3.0. To celebrate, for a limited time (no mention on when this promotion will end) Investintech is giving away free license of Sonic PDF Creator v3.0. (There is no information if you can install/reinstall at later dates, but I believe you should be able to.) The catch is the giveaway process is not automated — you have to send an e-mail to Investintech and wait for them to respond with a license code. I know this is an annoying way to get a freebie and I typically avoid posting about these types of giveaways because they could be scams; however, I’m posting about this giveaway because I can confirm it is legit — I got my license code 22 minutes after I sent my e-mail.

That said, to get Sonic PDF Creator (v3.0) for free, do the following:

Version being given out for free: v3.0

Free updates: Unknown

Free technical support: Unknown

Supported OS: Windows 98, ME, Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007

P.S. That is the weirdest list of supported OS I have ever seen — where is Vista and Win7?

Note: Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher is required

Download size: 14.3 MB

  • Send an e-mail to with subject Exclusive Sonic PDF Creator 3.0 Product Launch Special. In the e-mail tell Investintech how Sonic PDF Creator can help you. I’m not sure if they are looking for anything specific here or what — I just told them it can help me create and edit PDFs for my studies (which isn’t a lie).
    • Optional: In the e-mail you could let Investintech about dotTech, encouraging them to run a promotion here.
  • Wait. The wait time can vary; it took me roughly 20 minutes to get a reply from them but this response time may be longer once the dotBuzz spreads over the Internets. Eventually you will (you should) receive an e-mail from Reena Cruz ( with subject of RE: Exclusive Sonic PDF Creator 3.0 Product Launch Special. In the e-mail you will find your license key:

  • Download and install Sonic PDF Creator.
  • After installation, run Sonic PDF Creator and register it with the license key you were sent via e-mail:

There is no confirmation message telling you of successful registration. You can tell you have successfully registered Sonic PDF Creator by going to Help and seeing if Buy Now… is grayed out or not. If it is grayed out, you registered successfully. If it isn’t, you need to try again.

  • Enjoy!

If you have trouble getting Sonic PDF Creator for free, post below and other dotTechies or I will try to help.

[Thanks william_of_palerne!]

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  • @pdf creator download:

    Thanks for your comment! We certainly will. Hope everything’s going great in Dallas. is a friendly bunch, so feel free to get in touch with us socially:




    Hope to see you around :)


  • Hola! I’ve been reading your weblog for a long time now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Dallas Tx! Just wanted to mention keep up the fantastic work!

  • Hi all,

    This is Reena Cruz from First off, I’d like to thank and everyone for their interest in Sonic PDF Creator 3.0. The reception has been great! We hope that everyone who has already received a free license is enjoying the software.

    Second, thank you for your patience. I apologize for the slow response rate. I’ve been receiving a LOT of emails. This giveaway isn’t automated, so it may be a bit bit before I can personally get back to your email. I am still trying to get to each and every one of them as a fast as I can. Rest assured, the promotion hasn’t been closed yet.

    Third, I’ve been getting a few blank emails with just a subject line. This was originally a LinkedIn promotion special. If you head over to the Sonic Product page, you can find the full instructions on how to get your own Sonic license key:

    Also, this just a heads up that some emails are getting kicked back to me. Please ensure that your email is valid and your settings are adjusted so that you can receive my email.

    Lastly, we’d like to thank you all for your constructive feedback–both good and bad. We’re listening and taking each point seriously as it can only helps us improve Sonic for you guys. So if you have any other suggestions or aren’t satisfied with something, feel free to send in your feedback directly via our feedback form where it can get to us directly:

    Again, thanks for all the support! We really appreciate it. I’ll be getting to your emails as quickly as I can, so please be patient. In the meantime, you can still download Sonic as a 7-day free trial:

    Reena Cruz.

  • Havilson

    Hi, I’ve sent an email as you said and I’ve never receivedd an answer or anything in return. That’s not the first time that I couldn’t receive a license for SonicPDF.

  • Luv2Tech

    @Giovanni: PDFCreator v123 by

  • Luv2Tech

    @ricohflex: This seems to be true I e-mailed her yesterday and have yet to even get an e-mail telling me I they stopped giving away the keys….

  • ricohflex


    Reena Cruz ( has replied 13 minutes ago with the serial number.

  • Luv2Tech

    I have used a previous version of Sonic PDF and it worked great, that being said I have been useing PDF Creator123 and like Sonic PDF allows you to add metadata to your pdf before printing but unlike Sonic PDF were you have to manually add your information to your pdf metadata PDF Creator123 uses the metadata to give the title in the metadata the name windows uses to show in windows explorer this is a great feature as one time my computer had a techFart and messed up the file names i seen in explorer and the names were jiberish i used the metadata to rename those files. even so Sonic PDF was the first program on my search for such a program and still like having it installed as a printer.

  • Penwv

    I think the reason for sending an e-mail in order to obtain a license key is to add their e-mail address to your contact list. Be sure to delete it.

  • ricohflex


    There is something you need to know.
    Reena Cruz ( has refused to reply to the emails sent.
    Waited many hours already.

    They may be very angry with your [ “I was extremely disappointed in Sonic PDF Creator” ] review of Sonic PDF Creator.

    I guess they have decided to close the gate on this one.
    If so, then so be it.
    The feeling is mutual.

  • Giovanni

    Totally agree with you…even the FREE version of NITROPDF READER outclasses this crap…LOL!!

    So what’s the best (free) PDF creator & editor for you??

  • Jim Van Damme

    The PDF Import extension for LibreOffice works pretty good. You don’t have to convert, then open a word processor; you just open a file and immediately you’re editing it. Then you can save it in whatever format you want, or export it back to a PDF.

    However, this extension is a closely guarded secret, and LibreOffice didn’t write it, Oracle wrote it for OpenOffice. But it works great in LO.

    To install it, go to You’ll find a long description of it, along with features and limitations. Find the file that runs on your operating system and click “get it”. You can either save it or install it in LibreOffice right then; click “open with..” and select LibreOffice.

    If you save it for later, start LO and go to Tools ? Extension Manager ? Add, then find where you downloaded the extension (it’s about 5 MB). Open it up, wait for it to install, restart LO, and then you should be able to either open PDFs within LO or find them in a file browser and select “Open with…” then select LO.
    Files are opened in LO Draw, but you can cut and paste text and images into Writer.

    I just completed the above procedure for my Linux laptop in about 3 minutes, and I presume the Windows procedure would be identical.

  • Ashraf

    @Godel: You mean in “The following is a description of Sonic PDF Creator, as per the developer:”? No, that isn’t intended to be a link — I just underline it to emphasis the following is not my description of the software. I never thought that people may mistake that for a link but now that you bring it up, it makes sense. I may not underlining now, haha…

    You are welcome! Thanks for the feedback.

  • Godel

    I think your “as per the developer” text shown underlined in my browser, was supposed to be a link.

    I’ve been using Sonic V2.5 as a pdf printer, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, for no obvious reason.

    Thanks for the info.