Shocktober Fest is a haunted house for naked people, this should end well


Unless you’re a porn star or a streaker, you would likely have a problem with random strangers staring at you naked while they themselves are naked. But hey if you don’t, then this little tour is just for you; a journey that might just scare your dingle bits off.

You see; a haunted house in Pennsylvania called the Shocktoberfest is offering what it calls the Naked and Scared Challenge. Basically,you’ll enter this haunted house butt naked as the day you were born to be scared to death by others who are also butt naked.

The folks who oversee this strange haunted house wants to assure us that no one but the people who are allowed to be inside will see your dingle bits flashing around. At the end of the day though, strangers will view upon curious patrons who enter Shocktoberfest. Furthermore, how is it possible for folks to tell if someone in the dark doesn’t have a cool night vision camera recording all human movements? Oh the lack of privacy.

We envision that this won’t end well for one of the employees hoping to scare patrons. Someone is going to react in a scared out of his/her mind manner by kicking an employee in the nuts. This will make the news, and we will all laugh at the employee’s pain.

The big question is though; would you go for a round in this naked scare house? Let us know in the comments below!

[via Shocktoberfest]

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