John McAfee figures out way to block NSA snooping, will sell you the solution for $100 or less


Since Edward Snowden leaked the secrets of the NSA to the world, we’re betting you’ve been searching for an effective way to avoid NSA tracking. Well, founder of McAfee Antivirus service, John McAfee, seems to have found a way to make this possible. The interesting part is; he’s willing to sell it to you for less than $100 once it’s ready for consumer consumption.

According to Mercury News, McAfee is working on a “D-Central” gadget that is capable of communicating with smartphones, tablets and laptops. The communication between these devices will produce decentralized networks, which cannot be accessed by the NSA. The problem is though, could this idea really protect folks from NSA snooping? Guess we’ll find out eventually. Or not.

McAfee explains that the device has a range of around three blocks and is localized. Everyone within the three block limit will have the option to communicate with each other along with sharing files without the NSA snooping in on the action. According to McAfee, he’s six months away from coming up with the first prototype. The prototype is expected to be round in shape and lacks a display.

Now, it’s highly possible foe McAfee’s D-Central device to be banned in the U.S. if it should ever make its way to store shelves. If this happens, plan B is to sell it in the UK and Japan along with third world countries.

[via Mercury News, image via NBC]

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