Smartphones could become the perfect earthquake detectors

earthquake buddy

Collecting real-time accurate data on earthquakes has been a problem for scientists since forever. However, all that could change if scientists find a way to utilize the accelerometers found in most modern smartphones. According to an article published in the Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America, the MEMS accelerometers in existing smartphones are profound enough to detect earthquakes of magnitude five or higher when found near the epicenter.

Due to the popularity of smartphones, they could one day be used to create an “urban seismic network,” which transmits real-time geological data to authorities whenever an earthquake takes place. It’s a good idea, especially for those in earthquake prone areas such as Pakistan.

There are other ways to do this sort of thing; however, using smartphone sensors is inexpensive and easy to carry into dangerous environments. Furthermore, before anything can happen, smartphone seniors must first become more sensitive before they can be transformed into the most efficient earthquake tracking devices known to man.

We hope to see this technology become a reality in millions of smartphones around the world in a few years’ time. In addition, the authorities could use the data available to locate persons after an earthquake. You could still keep your privacy intact, as they don’t have to know who you are, just that a human is at that position.

[via Yahoo, image via Fox News]

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