T-Mobile USA makes another industry changing move: offers free international roaming for data and texting

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T-Mobile is making some interesting moves as of late, some that might turn out to be very useful subscribe. What if you could relieve yourself from paying massive roaming fees when you travel outside of the United States, wouldn’t that be awesome? Sure it is, and T-Mobile has got you covered.

The carrier plans to offer a new unlimited international data and text plan to begin October 31. The plan will be available to current customers on the Simple Choice plan at no extra cost. The free data and texting will be available to T-Mobile customers when traveling to over 100 countries and will cost subscribers a global flat rate of 20 cents per minute to make a call, although it should be noted this can’t be used for “extended international travel” (whatever that means). Additionally, calls to landlines are unlimited in over 70 countries.

While this is no doubt a good strategy for folks who want to travel along with having the option to roam without paying expensive fees, the data speeds are quite slow. You won’t get 4G or 3G speeds here, just a mere 128Kbps (2G) according toat wh chief marketing officer Mike Sievert told CNET. But that’s OK, because 2G still works for web browsing, emails and social networking activities.

It is evident T-Mobile aims to shake up the industry in the U.S and possibly everywhere else. If this takes off, ever other carrier would want to follow in order to keep customers from defecting to the competition.

Furthermore, T-Mobile dropped all contract plans a few months ago, which is basically doing something other carriers might never want to attempt. If T-Mobile keeps up this momentum, the carrier could soon become a true competitor to AT&T and Verizon in the coming years.

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