Scentee allows you to smell food… with your smartphone

What if you could smell food through your smartphone? That is what Scentee does. Yeah, this seems like a stupid idea, but it should be interesting nonetheless. Apparently, Scentee is designed for people on a diet, short on cash so unable to eat certain foods.

Here’s how this piece of madness works. You’ll be required to purchase scented cartridges that come in flavors such as grilled meats, buttered potatoes, coffee, corn soup, cinnamon rolls, apples, strawberries and many more. Now, in order to taste and smell food with the scented cartridges, you’ll need to plug the cartridge into the phone along with downloading the Hana Yakiniku app. From the app, you can choose the scent you want and voila, the scent of grilled meat is all around you.

In theory, you could have a bowl of dumplings in front of you with no meat and use this product to taste meat with your dumplings. That’s may be because you’re broke, yet for some reason you have money to buy scented cartridges and high-end smartphones. Let’s not dig too deep into the flaws of this product though. So again, bowl of dumplings with no meat. You activate the scent you want, and it should feel like you’re actually eating dumpling covered with chicken.

While this might sound like a crazy idea, it could work for some people so we won’t fully disregard this product as complete nonsense. Heh, we’re kidding, it is absolute nonsense.





[via Scentee]

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