Intel expecting super-cheap Haswell tablets and laptops by holidays


Intel is planning to enter the tablet market with a boom with its range of tablet processors. If reports are assumed to be true, we may see very cheap tablets and laptops powered by the Intel Haswell very soon (in time for the holidays this year to be specific). Haswell processors bring superior performance along with exceptional battery life which we want to see in the upcoming devices as the current ones in the market do not have the battery life to boast of.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said in a conference call this week that he expects Haswell processors to be used in low priced devices ranging from tablets, notebooks to the tablet-notebook hybrids. The processor will be used in $99 tablets, $299 notebooks and $399 tablet-notebook hybrids. Intel started shipping its Haswell tablet processors this fall, so we might see a device running on the processor soon.

The new processors are important for tablets running Windows 8 since it requires a full PC running operating system to run on super thin and light form factor tablets and hybrids, which need strong batteries to provide backup to avoid quick drainage and to refrain from keeping the charger handy.

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