Privacy-focused search engine Blippex now supports WebRTC, for even better privacy protection for users


There are several search engines out there apart from Google Search and Bing Search. You might not have heard of these alternatives because you’re just too busy not caring. One of the best available alternative is Blippex, a search engine that is designed with privacy in mind. Despite this, many users are still wary, which is why Blippex has chosen to harness the power of the WebRTC technology as a way of setting up a P2P anonymity chain.

Blippex founders Max Kossatz and Gerald Bäck has said from the beginning that they only collect URL and time data, not IP addresses. However, due to the company’s lack of business model, users were a bit apprehensive on trusting Blippex. But with the addition of WebRTC, things could change for the better rather sooner than later.

On Friday, Blippex released a blog post showing that the company cares much about its users. Blippex proclaimed it had presented a new peer-to-peer anonymizing feature in its Chrome browser extension that makes sure the company cannot record IP addresses. Now, the reason Blippex is only supporting Chrome for its new WebRTC extension, is because Google has placed a lot of support behind the new technology.

We understand Firefox also supports WebRTC, so that browser is next. If you’re a fan of Internet Explorer, Safari or Opera, you’ll have to wait until these browsers support WebRTC.

To learn more about how things work, take a quick visit to Blippex’s blog from the via link below.

[via Blippex Blog]

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