Lose weight with “Stink Yourself Slim” skunk spray

stink yourself slim

For folks who are overweight, it can be very difficult to lose all that excess fat. It’s very easy to gain weight for many, but when it comes down to losing it, that’s where the real problem kicks in. In such a situation, usually, crash diets don’t work. We’re guessing you’ve come to figure this out already, so how about trying something new? How about “Stink Yourself Slim.”

By all means, Stink Yourself Slim is an unusual product, one we’ve never heard of before. So, how does it work? Let’s get down to that, shall we.

If you’re in a situation where you’re trying to lose weight, but there’s this massive plate of fried chicken and gravy right before your very eyes, you’ll want to eat that. However, to fight against such urges, just spray a little bit of Stink Yourself Slim on your person and smell it. The stinky smell should kill your appetite and you wouldn’t bother want to eat that tasty chicken.

The product was inspired by a real-life event where a skunk crashed a party, leaving everyone with a dead appetite to eat. Creator Alex Fontaine hopes this little project will turn out to be the next big thing in weight loss, but first, it must be proven.

We believe this product might not work for everyone. I mean; there are some of us who can sit directly in front of dog feces and still eat the tastiest foods known to man. At the end of the day, exercise is still the best way to lose weight, along with a strong mindset of staying away from fatty foods.

People need to learn self control, this way, they will never need to spend $49 on a Stink Yourself Slim weight loss product that may or may not work.

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