• Ashraf

    [@Tracy] What are you talking about? I haven’t had the time to review your posts…

  • Tracy

    I find it offensive that this post is up, when someone can’t give the respect to let someone know their articles were not appreciated or liked and then remove their access to post. It’s ok to post about underwear blocking farts? But my tips and tricks were utter crap.


  • I hate it when you go to an expensive hotel, and they charge you 20 euro for wifi. Or, say it’s free but when you get there, it’s only free in the lobby. (Holiday Inn Express Brussels airport).
    Cheap hotels always have free wifi. Go figure.

  • Justa Comment

    While traveling for work once upon a time, I was usually staying at “extended stay” kinds of hotels. I told them when checking in that I had to have wifi for my work at night (reports, etc.) One place assured that the room (last one they had) I was getting had good wifi. It did, sort of. Settting my laptop on the desk did not get me wifi. I moved around the room to other semi-suitable working spaces and could not get wifi anywhere. I could see the router but the signal was practically in the noise. While moving the laptop, I happened to set it on a telephone book, and not a very thick one. Suddenly I had wifi, and a pretty good signal, right there on the desk. I went “huh?” When I moved my laptop down onto the desk, no wifi. I set it up just that thickness of the telephone book (maybe an inch and a half to two inches), I had a good signal. I tried this several times. It was always the same. Wow!