Blackberry BBM app gets suspicious number of 5 star ratings on app stores


Blackberry made a bold move separating the BBM app for use on non-Blackberry devices. It was a brilliant idea, and many users were excited about the release of BBM on Android and iOS devices. Maybe too many people were excited. Since its release, BBM has drawn a lot of 5-star reviews, which makes you wonder who’s writing the reviews.

It’s no secret that Blackberry hasn’t been at the top of their game lately. The smartphone company has been struggling for a while, reporting huge losses during the second quarter. Spinning off the app was a good idea to help get the company back on its feet. However, so many positive reviews, so close to the release may seem strange enough. The fact that many of the 5 star reviews are nearly identical in their wording makes it seem suspicious.

Having many positive reviews would help the company sell more copies of the app as people download it to their phones. The problem is that so many reviews look alike that some consumers may cry foul and walk away. Blackberry wouldn’t be the first, and certainly not the last, to bulk up their ratings with paid reviews.

Is BBM that great of an app, or is this a desperate company trying to make a comeback? Only time will tell. However, we refuse to believe so many people were “waiting for this app”.

[via Arstechnia]

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