Google adds native parental control and activity monitoring feature to Chrome


Because nothing compares to the variety of offensive content from the Internet, Google will help you supervise your children with Chrome. The folks at Google, specifically the team responsible for Chrome and Chrome OS, are trying to provide a helping hand to supervise and restrict online activities of children.

Because Chrome OS does not include a parental control mode and common browsers do not provide a system of restricting the rights of use by certain users, the Chrome team came up with a solution. It is a new user concept entitled “Supervised User”, which lets you monitor and restrict access for people using the Chrome web browser .

Basically, after you have set it up inside Chrome, from you can monitor all of the activity of people using Chrome under the restricted username. In addition, you can impose restrictions. It’s like you have a control panel that allows you to define the boundaries of the internet to anyone using that browser on that particular computer. It also lets users request approval for access to certain websites, if users find they are being blocked from visiting certain addresses they desire.

Supervised User is a function that currently exists only in the latest version of Chrome Beta but will eventually be rolled out to public release version of Chrome, on all platforms — Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Chrome OS, etc.

[via theverge]

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