“Why I hate working on computers without AdBlock” [Comic]


Touche my friend, touche. Now just keep in mind: you probably wouldn’t have access to that “actual link” that you want to download without those ads funding the website you want to use, although we can all agree some websites abuse ads.

[via PaperPlaneFlyer123]

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  • I don’t have Adblock and don’t have a problem with ads. Mostly, I am oblivious to them and just filter them all out, especially at sites I visit a lot. I don’t usually go to strange file download sites because I get all my software from Linux repos.

    Do advertisers know how much people (don’t) notice their ads?

  • Raeldin

    I don’t mind the ads so much. But when they hide them as download links just to make people click them?
    In other words:
    So the people who make and put the ads on the sites are allowed to deceive and miss lead the user, but the user isn’t allowed to protect themselves. Something is very wrong with that. I agree with Seamus.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Ads have their place, but so many of them are deceptive. I think that’s why they are viewed as a scourge to the internet by most people; all the fake download buttons, etc are just dishonest. Do I even need to mention the popups? Until ads are less obtrusive and annoying, I will continue to block them on most sites I visit.